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AZFO: An organization of birders and ornithologists dedicated to supporting the study, protection, and appreciation of Arizona's birdlife. 

 Our Latest  AZFO Programs

Below is a menu of our activities and offerings designed to help us all become better birders.  See something you like? Join us!

2023-2024 Christmas Bird Counts

Find our listing of upcoming Christmas Bird Counts throughout the entire state.  

View our video on how to refine your technique to get the best results for your count circle.  

Our Online Journal, Arizona Birds

An online magazine offering recent peer-reviewed articles about many of Arizona's

most remarkable birds. 

AZFO Annual Meeting

AZFO hosts birders from around the state for a weekend of appreciation of birds and birders.  Join us for everything from avian studies to field expeditions to fellowship. 

Field Expeditions

A program of field studies and adventures to increase the knowledge of birds throughout the state. 


Education in the field, by video, or through in-person classroom.  Our experienced workshop leaders are here to help AZ birders improve their skills and appreciation of AZ's birdlife.  

Gale Monson Grants

Each year, AZFO offers up to two $1000 grants to individuals conducting field research

on the birds of Arizona.

eBird "Gaps"

Go birding in the under-birded regions of our state, the "eBird Gaps". 

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